April 25, 2016

Blueberry Picking Jimmy
by Jimmy Pappas (poem, PG)
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Image credit: Sand Pilarski. More info.

"...who's the one with the empty bucket?..."


Blueberry Picking Jimmy
likes to talk to the Buddha
while he's picking blueberries,
but he has to admit to
being disappointed about
the Buddha's replies,
which sound suspiciously
like Jimmy talking to himself;
for example, why would such
a great spiritual icon wonder
how the Red Sox are doing,
and why would he talk
about eating blueberries
right off the bush to get
more for his money,
and, most embarrassing of all,
why would he be checking out
that woman's butt over there?
I mean, ya gotta admit,
there's a lot lacking in the
spirituality department
of the so-called enlightened one.
Yeah right,
enlightened my ass.
And when the picking's done,
who's the one with
the empty bucket?
You guessed it:
Mister Nirvana himself.
So he can just kiss
Jimmy's linty navel
if he thinks
he's gonna get
even a single piece
of blueberry pie.

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Article © Jimmy Pappas. All rights reserved.
Image(s) are public domain.


Happy Poetry Month!

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