March 23, 2020

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EllaElla's Paradise
Amanda Summerbell

When Leigh Carrington's uncle Jack, a well-known author at the peak of good health, mysteriously collapses, she inherits his stately Victorian hilltop home in sleepy Hallstead, Virginia. She packs up and moves in, but it isn't long before Leigh suspects that something's not quite right in the house they call "Ella's Paradise." Why have so many of its inhabitants died unexpectedly? Who is leaving bouquets of fresh flowers in the ballroom? Could it really be the ghost of little Ella Mabry she hears giggling in the middle of the night? When a dark stranger with a story to tell helps Leigh make some sense of the bizarre goings-on, she is faced with a decision: Can she trust him? Or will she succumb to the danger lurking within her own walls?

It Walked Among Us ImageIt Walked Among Us
Amanda Summerbell

Detective Frank Milsner is tortured by the long-unsolved mutilation of his niece, Maggie. James Wilkerson is an alcoholic bearing scars of his upbringing by his brilliant but volatile surgeon father, Evan. These two men from opposite worlds are drawn together by a mystery that has haunted the local area of Fairvale, VA, for decades.

When Frank is called to the scene of a mutilated dog whose injuries mimic those inflicted upon Maggie, he is convinced that he is closer than ever to finding her killer, a substantive theory upon meeting James, who bears evidence connecting his father to the dead girl.

Now the men are drawn into a web of secrets originating in the early 1950's, a journey into the mind of a madman and an enigmatic woman who may hold all the answers.

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