April 06, 2020

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Only Africa Knows ImageOnly Africa Knows
KK Brown

Why did the beer bottle break as the 'Smaller Man' drove past the advertising billboard depicting the girl in a skimpy bikini? ... Was 'Lucky Anton' really so lucky? Was he murdered, did he commit suicide' or was his death an accident? ... Why was 'The Headman' so worried? ... Did the colour of the blow-up doll really matter, considering that it was such 'Disgraceful Behaviour'? ... Why did the Chiefs not make 'Themba Chivuli' return the stolen goats? ... How did Jannie - from Johannesburg - manage to get the policemen in Capetown to dig his 'Grandfather's garden' for him? All these questions are answered in KK Brown's delightful book of short stories Only Africa Knows.

To Feed the Sparrowhawks ImageTo Feed the Sparrowhawks
KK Brown

It is 1976, and Rhodesia has exploded into full-scale civil war. The white settlers are fighting a vicious rearguard campaign in the vast Tribal Trust Lands and on remote and isolated border farms, against an ever more determined Black Nationalist foe. Unwillingly sucked into this conflict, farmer Jumbo McQueen meets the girl of his dreams and hopes to build a future with her on his farm. Caring nothing for politics, McQueen is drawn by a single wartime incident -- and by his connections with members of the Security Forces -- into the spiral of violence.

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