March 23, 2020

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The Man Clothed in Linen ImageThe Man Clothed in Linen
Robert Earle

The Man Clothed in Linen presents the grandeur of royal power before focusing on humbler kings and queens in dusty sandals. It explores the mysteries of the New Testament with the authenticity of history and the details of a realistic novel, easy to read and yet eerie in its echoes. Here, like the proverbial mustard seed, the smallest incident grows into the largest, world-changing event.

The Way Home ImageThe Way Home
Robert Earle

When Max Kelly's grandfather dies, his parents' marriage breaks apart as well. Max, Dan, and Alicia then set out on solitary journeys of self-discovery in which the children sometimes are more mature than the adults. Dan's mistake comes with sex. Alicia's comes with probing too deeply into her family's past. Max's comes with volunteering at an old age home where the medical director is a drug abuser.

Booklist called The Way Home, "A compelling debut." The Baltimore Sun called it "impressive" and "disturbing."

Tuppence Reviews ImageTuppence Reviews
Robert Earle

Robert Earle's new Kindle volume, Tuppence Reviews, compiles over ninety book reviews he has written in recent years. Half of the books reviewed are contemporary and classic fiction; the other half range through literary criticism, history, and public affairs. These quick-moving reviews highlight a book's main themes, draw comparisons to similar books by the same or different authors, and reflect Earle's wide-ranging taste and interests.

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