March 23, 2020

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The Martian Patriarch ImageThe Martian Patriarch
Robert Vella

A reluctant hero finds himself entrapped between a dystopian Earth, its rebellious Martian colony, and an enigmatic alien presence haunting his soul. There is no way out except to fulfill his incredible destiny

This is the story of Marc Bolton, a man who unknowingly becomes the critical focal point in the history of three very different worlds. From 2075 to 2095, his journey marks the past, present, and future evolution of Man. Caught in the middle of an interplanetary struggle, he is torn between the opposing forces that form the essence of his being. The difficult ordeal he must endure is filled with uncertainty and anguish. The profound fate that befalls him was born in the heart of a distant star. And, the lives of millions lay in the balance. Can one man bear such a burden and discover himself at the same time?

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