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May 27, 2024

Articles by Ralph Bland

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Not Dead Again 2 (2010-11-22) fiction relationships

The day after the news of a death can throw one's mind into a morass of memory. Is there a way out?

Not Dead Again 3 (2010-11-29) serial fiction family relationships

People once known are now being drawn back from across oceans of forgetfulness to the island of Mr. Bailey's casket.

Not Dead Again 4 (2010-12-06) fiction relationships

Jennifer Kay Owens ... was she just a dream coasting in on the evening?

Not Dead Again 5 (2010-12-13) fiction relationships

When the girl you loved so long ago, for so long, ago, reappears in your life, what happens to your heart?

Not Dead Again 6 (2010-12-20) fiction relationships

Finally the day of Mr. Bailey's funeral arrives. But before he's buried, more will be uncovered ...

Not Dead Again 7 (2010-12-27) fiction relationships

With the revelation that romance is only a strangely flat memory, it is time to try to re-integrate into the world...

Not Dead Again 8 (2011-01-03) fiction relationships

In the cold winter light, sharpened by loss, what does anyone really know? What can any even say?

Not Dead Again 9 (2011-01-10) fiction relationships

Conclusion. " But we are still out here in the night, living the moments we have ..."

Not Dead Again (2015-04-13) fiction relationships

Ralph Bland is a Manager/ Bookkeeper for one of the last remaining small independent grocery stores in Nashville. A graduate of Belmont University, he is married with a daughter and three very spoiled dogs, and on some occasions he likes to disguise himself as a normal person. He is the author of three novels (Once In Love With Amy, Where Or When, Past Perfect), all of the comic Southern Fiction genre. "Not Dead Again" is his first novella, and a fourth novel has just been completed.

Miss Julia (2016-05-16) cover story fiction life love

Part One of Three. What was love like when we were young? Did we know what love really was, or would become?

Miss Julia, Part Two (2016-05-23) cover story fiction life love

Part Two of Three. Julia Hagemeyer found out what love really was when she met Dennis Barton...and how love would change her world forever...

Miss Julia, Part Three (2016-05-30) cover story fiction life love

Conclusion. Can Julia live without Dennis in her life? Let her tell us that answer...

Forestwood (2021-12-20) cover story fiction life love

Part One of Three. When you lose interest in keeping your life -- well, lively and interesting -- you start to see just how green that grass is on the other side of the fence...

Forestwood 2 (2021-12-27) fiction life love

Part Two of Three. Willis Carrington is one attractive man, and Lizzie wasn't immune to him. Problem was, he wasn't immune to her sister Caroline, either...

Forestwood 3 (2022-01-03) fiction life love

Lizzie has been playing with bright, enticing fire and got a little burnt. But is that enough for her to keep a safe distance from those lovely dancing flames..?

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The Girls Next Door (2012-04-30) short fiction relationships

Life is change, they say, but even a small change in life is like being swept downstream, and the banks of the river are never the same ...

You Can't Sit Down (2015-02-09) cover story fiction life aging memory love

After so long, there's a strange itch to know, to see, to speculate...is it better not to scratch?

Heartache (2017-06-05) cover story fiction life

Youth is often short-sighted, and what will you see when you're old enough to take the long view..?

Close Your Eyes and I'll Kiss You (2017-07-17) cover story fiction youth

Travel back in time fifty years and so much is different -- and so much the same...

Nova Scotia (2017-08-21) cover story life age

Did you see or did you miss the Great Eclipse of August 2017? Will your grandchildren remember where you were that day?

Brunch at Jacqueline's (2017-08-28) cover story fiction relationships love death

A moment to make sense of the mysteries of the past -- how long to understand our future?

Lifeguard (2017-10-16) cover story fiction life

The end of the season and isn't it time to let it go peacefully?

Harlan (2018-03-12) cover story fiction life

Time goes by, and though some things get better, some good things are lost. Makes you wonder if anyone will find them again...

Saturday (2018-04-23) fiction life love

Every week, it happens. No wonder we get old so quick...

Sinner, Come Home (2018-08-27) cover story fiction life

"It was humid like it was going out of style, the way it had always been when I was growing up..."

Ages Past (2018-09-17) cover story fiction

"Change is good," they say, and "Time marches on." And there we are, listening to them...

Me and Steve (2019-06-03) cover story fiction friends

Epic, that's what it was -- truly epic...well, sorta epic...

Caldwell's Eve (2019-12-23) cover story fiction

After closing time on a lonely Christmas Eve...

A - 9 (2020-06-08) cover story fiction love

Was it a real memory? Or was it just something you wish that you could have the memory of?

After the Storm (2020-09-28) cover story fiction life

The future is all ahead of us, the present is what keeps us going back to the fridge for a sandwich -- and the past ought to stay the hell back where it belongs...

Blaze of Glory (2022-07-11) cover story fiction life

Rightfield (2023-07-17) cover story fiction life

Mildred (2024-04-22) cover story fiction life

The end creeps up on us, and when it arrives, all we have left is the past...

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