May 23, 2022

Olga Livshin



Book Thief (2010-11-22) essay relationships passion for books led me astray: I stole the books I couldn't buy. I was a book thief ...

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Olga Livshin
Olga Livshin

Olga is a freelance writer and journalist. Her articles and book reviews appear regularly in local newspapers. She also writes short stories in the fantasy genre and is working on a novel. Her short fiction credits (under the pen name Olga Godim) include Bewildering Stories, The Cynic Online, The Rejected Quarterly, Sorcerous Signals, Lorelei Signal, Aoife's Kiss, and other publications. The Toe to Toe anthology with one of her short stories was a finalist of the 2009 Golden Crown Literary Award.

Olga lives in Vancouver, Canada. She collects monkeys and enjoys reading romance novels during the incessant Vancouver rains.