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April 22, 2024

Articles by Mitchell Waldman

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The Duke of Broad Street (2011-01-17) cover story fiction relationships

Mitchell Waldman's fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in numerous publications. He is also the author of the novel, A FACE IN THE MOON, was co-editor with Diana May-Waldman of WOUNDS OF WAR: POETS FOR PEACE, and is Fiction Editor for Blue Lake Review.

The Duke of Broad Street 2 (2011-01-24) fiction relationships

The strange bum with the guitar turns Natalie's world inside out with one simple sentence ...

The Duke of Broad Street 3 (2011-01-31) fiction relationships

Conclusion. He'd been one of the "Dukes," long ago in what seemed like a different life. He knew he never would be one again, but there is a second chance to be something else ...

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The Miracle Man (2011-04-11) cover story short fiction

Suddenly he's got it made ... and has the chance to crawl out of the grave he's dug for himself all those drunken years ...

The Alignment of the Planets (2011-08-29) cover story short fiction relationships

The sun rises, and morning speeds by, full of discovery, deeds, and plans. But as the day wanes, light dims, and the minutes go by so slowly that nightfall seems to have lost its way...

Getting His Wings (2012-04-16) short fiction relationships

Losing a friend is heart-breaking. Consolation only comes when you can accept the new horizon that friend must surely see ...

Fortunate Son (2014-09-01) cover story fiction life family death

Is there any ideology, any border, any conflict worth the price of your child?

Spirits in the Night (2021-11-15) fiction life death

Listen carefully...and quietly...

Tell Me Something I Don't Know (2023-01-23) flash fiction

What was hidden is found...

Diamonds and Demons (2023-11-27) fiction

One moment, one look, and the context of life changes...

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New York, 1979: A Collage (2012-03-19) poem unrhymed

"Wayward nowhere to go ragged men with fertilized grizzled faces, bulbous noses, one eye hollow, the other attacking ..."

I Will Never Know Their Names (2012-05-28) poem unrhymed

"It doesn't seem like too much to think about you, once (or twice) in my life ..."

Street of Dreams (2012-06-25) poem unrhymed

'...your eyes eager and bright
like a newly discovered star
on a distant ancient night...'

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