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April 15, 2024

Articles by Pete McArdle

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Wallace in Wonderland (2011-05-02) cover story short fiction drugs

Despite loving orchids, dry white wine, and Broadway show tunes, Pete McArdle is married and has three kids in college. When not drilling teeth, he enjoys torturing words, especially adverbs.

Dream a Little Dream (2011-08-22) cover story short fiction humor lottery

Some people say "If you have your health, you have everything," but oh, if you have 38 million dollars, you can have the Everything of Everything -- the real EVERYTHING -- and that's what Bjorn and Janet would say ...

Panda Bears and Camembert (2011-09-19) short fiction humor pythonesque

Have you ever had one of these shopping experiences? Wait -- the Christmas shopping season is just around the corner ...

A Birthday To Remember (2011-11-07) cover story short fiction death

The occasion was special, the drink delicious, the fire so welcoming ... but there was a stranger there, too, and something about him was frightening ...

Bumble Off To Bethlehem (2011-12-26) short fiction humor Christmas Stooges

Wow, someone got a hookah under the tree...

Loop (2012-01-02) cover story short fiction horror

Inexorable, inescapable, every fear that hides in the recesses of the mind ... one look around the corner away ...

An Astronaut and His Dog (2012-02-06) cover story short fiction sci-fi

He was a homeless man of little means; no where to go, no friend to talk to or give him comfort -- save one... the best one...

A Nun's Tale (2012-03-05) cover story short fiction horror

A brutal, unthinkable murder -- what sort of heartless monster could commit such a crime?

The Wake (2012-04-02) short fiction funeral

There's a very good reason for that little "Danger" tag that says, "Do Not Overinflate..."

Sex, Pecs, and Little Pink Pills (2012-05-28) cover story short fiction personal disaster

Wanting everything you can get will get you into trouble as surely as will getting everything everything you want ... and maybe everything you deserve ...

Shoo Fly (2012-06-18) cover story short fiction fantasy

"Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup! ... May I have a second serving, please?"

Attack of the Fifty-five Foot Crab! (2012-07-30) cover story short fiction humor

Come visit the idyllic island of Boca Loca, where the natives are friendly, the weather is sublime ... and the seafood is to die for ...

Bless Me, Father (2012-09-10) cover story short fiction humor horror

Contrition, Confession, Penance ... just old-fashioned words from an old-fashioned religion -- not real words for real people. Or are they?

Flesh (2012-10-15) cover story short fiction life

Here's a story about a dark and stormy night, about a lesson to be learned, about what you have in your hands even now ...

Limbo, Maybe (2012-11-26) cover story short fiction death

Heaven is full of joy, Hell is full of the opposite, but what do you call it when you feel nothing?

In Good Hands (2012-12-31) cover story short fiction life

Maybe Norm should factor in the cost of fleeing the country as well ...

The Great Bear Provideth (2013-02-11) fiction humor animals

The Great Bear is all about justice -- but not so much on "learning curves."

The Middle (2013-05-20) cover story fiction life

This is where you find the words, the truth, the glory...

Cooking with Chef Jeffrey (2013-06-17) cover story fiction humor horror

This editor is glad that the Foodie Channels don't have anything "special" on tonight...

Too Many Monkeys (2013-08-05) cover story short science fiction humor

Oh, so that's why they have such a problem...

No Gold Watch (2013-09-09) cover story science fiction future robots

Studies already show that older people who keep working are more likely to have a satisfying lifestyle...

The Scarsdale Doctors Diet (2013-11-18) fiction werewolf

Mmm! Guaranteed medical care!

Burn, Baby, Burn (2013-12-16) cover story fiction life injury

A mask of burlap and buttons, a wig, or a scar may hide a person behind it, but it is the soul within we should see...

A Tale on Me Birthday (2014-02-10) fiction fandom

And if you had known them way back when, you'd have fallen for them, too!

The Aged Avenger (2014-05-05) fiction crime humor

The plan was risky, but something simply had to be done...

The Silence of the Rabbits (2014-11-10) cover story fiction violence bunnies

Makes you want to become a vegetarian...but wait, Bernardo was a vegetarian, wasn't he?

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Peek of the Week 319 (2011-10-17) photo art

A restful, inviting view of Brant Lake in New York, USA.

Peek of the Week 325 (2011-11-28) photo art

Downtown Manhattan on an autumn day.

Peek of the Week 362 (2012-08-20) photo art

Don't get too close or she will bite you one the nose...

Peek of the Week 366 (2012-09-17) photo art

Serenity of a lake, Westchester County, New York, USA.

Peek of the Week 371 (2012-10-22) photo art

Autumn colors reflect a party atmosphere in Westchester County, New York, USA...

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