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February 19, 2024

Articles by Eric Suhem

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The Supermarket 01 (2012-08-06) comic

Join the story of The Supermarket, where a committed group of helmet-wearing citizens find fulfillment at the grocery store ...

The Supermarket 02 (2012-08-13) comic

Naomi the Cashier receives an introduction to the powers that be: Militant Shoppers!

The Supermarket 03 (2012-08-20) comic

Action! Excitement! Adventure! Get me a 4-wheel drive shopping cart!

The Supermarket 04 (2012-08-27) comic

What are your inner needs? Peace and job satisfaction, or the knowledge that your house smells like fuchsia blossoms and your car makes you look ten years younger?

The Supermarket 05 (2012-09-03) comic

Let's go meet Ranger Roy, and this time, get your dang SUV inside the lines!

The Supermarket 06 (2012-09-10) comic

With these crackpots, you have to be careful -- you never know what they know about what you're thinking!

The Supermarket 07 (2012-09-17) comic

There's a lot of ways to park, but the only right way is Ranger Roy's way!

The Supermarket 08 (2012-10-01) comic

Even a super-cashier must rest, perchance to dream...

The Supermarket 9 (2012-10-08) comic

As long as he doesn't speak in iambic pentameter ...

The Supermarket 10 (2012-10-15) comic

Is this poem a coming of age story, about children finding their way ... to the cereal aisle?

The Supermarket 11 (2012-10-22) comic

That's why they keep Hershey bars right beside the check-out ...

The Supermarket 12 (2012-10-29) comic

And now, the Strange Visions of Mrs. X!

The Supermarket 13 (2012-11-05) comic

Seriously! Seeing the cellulite on those famous thighs can give you an all-day feel-good boost!

The Supermarket 14 (2012-11-12) comic

You know what goes good with that? Hot chocolate with extra little marshmallows!

The Supermarket 15 (2012-11-19) comic

I'll bet you never even said thank you when you pushed your cart through ...

The Supermarket 16 (2012-11-26) comic

Be mindful when a door instructs you to "Think globally"...

The Supermarket 17 (2012-12-03) comic

Where can I get a T-shirt like the guy in the second panel is wearing?

The Supermarket 18 (2012-12-10) comic

There IS something to be said for a steady job ...

The Supermarket 19 (2012-12-17) comic

And when you find a really good sale price, the feeling is ... heavenly?

The Supermarket 20 (2012-12-24) comic

Gosh, wouldn't we all?

The Supermarket 21 (2012-12-31) comic

And Phil, don't forget you'll need some extra milk to go with that ...

The Supermarket 22 (2013-01-07) comic

I hate those "perkiness" dreams worse than anything!

The Supermarket 23 (2013-01-14) comic

Uh oh -- she obviously hasn't heard about Hostess yet ...

The Supermarket 24 (2013-01-21) comic

Well, I've heard of a motorcycle gang called "Hell's Angels" -- but shopping cart gangs?

The Supermarket 25 (2013-01-28) comic

And at their age, skateboards are a lot more dangerous than shopping carts ...

The Supermarket 26 (2013-02-04) comic

Oh, just give "Yes" a chance ...

The Supermarket 27 (2013-02-11) comic

Conclusion. Happiness and fulfillment are best when shared!

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The Shoppers (2019-12-23) fiction humor

Hot commodities!

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