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November 27, 2023
"Mes de los Muertos"

Articles by Bill Harvey



THE ODDS (2012-06-11) comic

Introducing a new comic: THE ODDS! We hope you enjoy the adventures of Tad and Elmira ODD.

THE ODDS 210 (2016-09-12) comic

Aww, that's sweet...

THE ODDS 211 (2016-09-19) comic

It's not the oil, it's the additives...

THE ODDS 212 (2016-09-26) comic

Don't tell him your life's story...

THE ODDS 213 (2016-10-03) comic

Uh-oh, I think she's going to incur a penalty...

THE ODDS 214 (2016-10-10) comic

And make sure you make them look like Barbie..!

THE ODDS 215 (2016-10-17) comic

And if you burp..?

THE ODDS 216 (2016-10-24) comic

Anything you say may or may not be held against you in a court of law...or a kitchen!

THE ODDS 217 (2016-10-31) comic

Yup, getting old is a you-know-what...

THE ODDS 218 (2016-11-07) comic

My question is: How did he get lost out there with him?

THE ODDS 219 (2016-11-14) comic

What brand of tissues does he use? Or is that what the cape is for?

THE ODDS 220 (2016-11-21) comic

Guess she told him...

THE ODDS 221 (2016-11-28) comic

No wonder math gives him a headache...

THE ODDS 222 (2016-12-05) comic

And don't forget his honesty...

THE ODDS 223 (2016-12-12) comic

Bet his attic is full, and the garage, and the yard...

THE ODDS 224 (2016-12-19) comic

How many of them are there, and who feeds them?

THE ODDS 225 (2016-12-26) comic

Notice you can't see his pantslegs...

THE ODDS 226 (2017-01-02) comic

At least that's what the governor of Vermont thinks...

THE ODDS 227 (2017-01-09) comic

And that's why you don't argue definitions with your wife...

THE ODDS 228 (2017-01-16) comic

He speaks for so much of the world...

THE ODDS 229 (2017-01-23) comic

Oh, there's going to be a frying pan waiting for him at home for that one...

About THE ODDS 01 (2018-02-19) comics

Let's talk about those ODDs again...

About THE ODDS 02 (2018-02-26) comics

A little social commentary...

About THE ODDS 03 (2018-03-05) comics

Hose him down!

About THE ODDS 04 (2018-03-12) comics

Think of it as a hobby...?

About THE ODDS 05 (2018-03-19) comic

Put a name on that, and you're in trouble no matter which side you're on...

About THE ODDS 06 (2018-03-26) comic

Howabout: "Who allows a louse?" or maybe even "A shaved bear is bare?"

About THE ODDS 07 (2018-04-02) comic

It happens more often than you think...

About THE ODDS 08 (2018-04-09) comic

In space, no one can hear you cough...

About THE ODDS 09 (2018-04-16) comic

They sure don't build those darn dams the way they used to...

About THE ODDS 10 (2018-04-30) comic

Makin' sure those robots look good!

About THE ODDS 11 (2018-05-07) comic

Artificial Intelligence? What about Artificial Vanity?

About THE ODDS 12 (2018-05-14) comic

Turn up the volume, we want to hear the music, too!

About THE ODDS 13 (2018-05-21) comic

He's here, he's there, he's ... everywhere?

About THE ODDS 14 (2018-05-28) comic

Go ahead, tell me he has a silencer on that thing...

About THE ODDS 15 (2018-06-04) comic

And if you can't say anything nice..!

About THE ODDS 16 (2018-06-11) comic

When the going gets tough, the tough make a better sign...

About THE ODDS 17 (2018-06-18) comic

He's like an actor with many different parts...

About THE ODDS 18 (2018-06-25) comic

Now that's putting a positive spin on it...

About THE ODDS 19 (2018-07-02) comic

Just another day at your office...

About THE ODDS 20 (2018-07-09) comic

Oh noes! NOW what do we do?

About THE ODDS 21 (2018-07-16) comic

Maybe before we start over, you should fix your audio, Tad?

About THE ODDS 22 (2018-07-23) comic

If the glass is half empty, doesn't that mean that you got to drink it?

About THE ODDS 23 (2018-08-06) comic

Is that better or worse than dry rot?

About THE ODDS 24 (2018-08-13) comic

And he thought, "How handsome he is!"

About THE ODDS 25 (2018-08-20) comic

How dare you argue my argument?

About THE ODDS 26 (2018-08-27) comic

The nice thing is the lack of crowd noise...

About THE ODDS 27 (2018-09-03) comic

Uh oh, we all know what magnets do to computers...

About THE ODDS 28 (2018-09-10) comic

Oh, let him have it!

About THE ODDS 29 (2018-09-17) comic

Careful, they'll be blubbering together next...

About THE ODDS 30 (2018-09-24) comic

Artificial intelligence has artificial vanity?

About THE ODDS 31 (2018-10-01) comic

Past century shenanigans...

About THE ODDS 32 (2018-10-08) comic

We're just going to have to "bear" with Bill on this one...

About THE ODDS 33 (2018-10-15) comic

And she'd better not be tarnished...!

About THE ODDS 34 (2018-10-22) comic

So supportive...

About THE ODDS 35 (2018-10-29) comic

And if they ALL feel that way about each other?

About THE ODDS 36 (2018-11-05) comic

Would you buy a used car from him?

About THE ODDS 37 (2018-11-12) comic

Next thing you know, he'll be watching bees...

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