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July 22, 2024

Articles by Terri Edwards

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Fire Song (2005-01-16) poem


Too Simple, Really (2005-02-13) poem rhyme

Love is as simple as you want it to be.

Night Cat (2005-03-06) poem, blank verse

Blank verse. Alley cats provide the imagery to illustrate feelings of love.

No Longer (2006-03-20) poem blank verse

Blank verse. Signs in the skies tell the story of a fading relationship.

Juvenilia? (2006-04-03) poem blank verse beat

Blank verse. When it comes to art, age is meaningless.

Labyrinthine (2006-05-01) poem blank verse

Blank verse. The architecture of emotions; some people put up more than just walls.

Low Life (2006-05-22) poem blank verse

Blank verse. The strata of wild life provide a metaphor for devotion.

Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be (2007-01-01) poem rhymed

Keeping Up With The Suzukis (2008-04-14) poem

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Myths of Modern Japan 01 (2005-01-23) Cover story, opinion, travel

The phrase "In Japan we have four seasons" is that it is mathematically inaccurate. At the very least, there are five distinct seasons - spring, summer, autumn, winter and the dreaded rainy season (tsuyu) which comes between spring and summer.

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Myths of Modern Japan 02 (2005-05-01) nonfiction Japan travel

No trees. Fake plastics replacing real bamboo left and right. Wildlife pressed into ever-decreasing spaces. Constant complaints about the weather. Is it any wonder that a foreigner living in Japan might blink when her neighbors tell her, "We Japanese love nature"?

The Mystery of the Tarim Basin Mummies (2006-04-24) nonfiction culture history

Who were the tall caucasians who lived near China's Taklamakan Desert for two millenia before the Chinese arrived? (Originally appeared 2005-05-23)

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Clothes of Sand (2005-05-23) cover story short fiction historical

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Three Japan Poems (2008-05-05) poem haiku

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