May 23, 2022

Joseph McKinley

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Dog. Girl. Armless Karaoke Maniac. (2013-07-15) cover story fiction life tragedy

Joseph McKinley is an English teacher in southern China, where he has lived for the past three years.

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Dog. Girl. Armless Karaoke Maniac. 2 (2013-07-22) short fiction life china

A legless woman, a talking dog, a handsome man with a beautiful voice -- how can they have met? Part 2 of 5.

Dog. Girl. Armless Karaoke Maniac. 3 (2013-07-29) fiction life family china

What father mourns his living son? What wife her present husband? What dog passes judgment on a man? Part 3 of 5.

Dog. Girl. Armless Karaoke Maniac. 4 (2013-08-05) short fiction life china

What can be done about his drunken rages, his irresponsibility, his lack of respect, his family's pain? The dog knows. Part Four of Five.

Dog. Girl. Armless Karaoke Maniac. 5 (2013-08-12) short fiction life china

Conclusion. The plans have been made, the stage set...let the dog speak for them all.

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Joseph McKinley
Joseph McKinley

When he's not prodding his students to speak, speak, for the love of God, speak! Joseph McKinley enjoys traveling throughout Hunan, China, where he has taught English for the past several years. A militant vegetarian, McKinley keeps a sharpened stick of celery under his pillow lest any red-fanged carnivores attack him while he dreams delectable dreams of frying tofu. He recently found the one woman in the province who was willing to satisfy his peculiar appetites (for food, of course) and married her shortly thereafter.