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May 27, 2024

Articles by Amy Probst

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Hamtramck Walk 01 (2003-12-13) op_ed travel

I am standing on my back porch, marveling at what turns out to be a sunrise as beautiful as the ones on vacation, over lakes, or fields of green. Marveling, because this is a Hamtramck sunrise, and it's never occurred to me before that crumbly urban areas had such things as sunrises. Or sunsets.

Hamtramck Walk 03 (2003-12-27) op_ed travel

Good morning, glories! Backyard views from alleys and trains show us a soft, vulnerable view of life. We are sneaking in the back door, spying on real lives.

Hamtramck Walk 04 (2004-01-03) op_ed travel

Good morning, sunflowers. Sunflowers are everywhere in Hamtramck, evoking memories of the past.

Hamtramck Walk 05 (2004-01-10) op_ed travel

Good Morning, Squirrel. Squirrels stay out of focus now that grown-up eyes can see them more clearly.

Hamtramck Walk 06 (2004-01-17) op_ed travel

At Elf's House.

Hamtramck Walk 07 (2004-01-24) op_ed travel

Not a Pet.

Hamtramck Walk 08 (2004-02-07) op_ed travel

A tree essay.

Hamtramck Walk 09 (2004-02-14) op_ed travel

Good Morning, Puggles.

Hamtramck Walk 10 (2004-02-21) op_ed travel

Kitty, Kitty.

Hamtramck Walk 11 (2004-02-28) op_ed travel

Immaculate Conception.

Hamtramck Walk 12 (2004-03-06) op_ed travel

Home in Hamtramck.

Hamtramck Unplugged (2004-03-13) op_ed

A Hamtramck fix to tide everyone over until next week. A look at a Detroit neighborhood during a power outage.

Hamtramck Walk 13 (2004-03-20) op_ed travel


Hamtramck Walk 02 (2005-04-10) op_ed travel

Good Morning, McDougall St. Families of first generation Americans behave in certain predictable manners. Adults tend to keep to their own kind, usually, because theirs is the only language they speak. The kids, however, share a world, floating down a river of English that their parents can only watch from the shore. First appeared 2003-12-20

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Dunder Chief: Your Back Door Man (2004-01-31) short

An exerpt from the 2002 NaNo Novel, Dunder Chief.

I-75 South (2004-02-14) short

Sixty bucks from selling most of their clothes, some ham sandwiches, and a hunting knife is all the girls have to see them safely to Florida. Their first ride calls them stupid little girls, but even at sixteen, sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Ghost Story (2004-02-21) short fiction, contemporary

Some of us are haunted by ghosts, shadows of the past that were once ourselves but have been deliberately left behind, sacrificed so that the living can rest in peace.

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