May 23, 2022

Stanley B. Trice



Shelf Life (2014-08-25) cover story fiction life animals

When Papa brings home a Holstein cow, twelve year old Donald finds an escape from growing up through the twice a day chore of milking Shelf Life.

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Stanley B. Trice
Stanley B. Trice

Over a dozen magazines have published Stanley's short stories and he is a member of the Riverside Writers, the Virginia Writers' Club, and the North Carolina Writers' Network that have been great sources of information and support. Stanley grew up on a dairy farm in Spotsylvania, VA and lived most of his life in the Fredericksburg, VA area. Currently, he commutes by train to Northern Virginia to work on budgets and legislative issues. On his commute and lunchtime, he writes. Recently, he completed a novel of speculative fiction (science fiction, literary, urban fantasy, satire mix) where a lonely, unemployed chemist has too much time on his hands. Stanley is currently searching for representation and may soon rely on his inexperience at self-publishing.