May 23, 2022

Fred Russell

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Wreaking Havoc (2015-01-26) essay films and human nature

Fred Russell offers some thoughts on "escapism" and inadequacy after watching the film "Taken."

Grisham (2015-09-28) essay author writing

If you can really write well, don't you want to...

Simenon Again (2020-11-02) book review "A Stain on the Snow"


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"I Shot My Parents" (2018-06-18) essay gun control

If you're allergic to peanuts, you don't keep them in the kitchen pantry. If heroin is dangerous, you don't sell it at the grocery store. Then think about this...

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Fred Russell
Fred Russell

Fred Russell is the pen name of an American-born writer living in Israel. His novels Rafi's World (Fomite Press), dealing with Israel's emerging criminal class, and The Links in the Chain (CCLaP), a thriller set in New York with an Arab-Israel background, were both published in 2014. His stories and essays have appeared in Third Coast, Polluto, Fiction on the Web, Wilderness House Literary Review, Ontologica, Unlikely Stories: Episode 4, The Satirist, CounterPunch, Gadfly, Cultural Weekly, Ragazine, etc.

By Fred Russell: