May 23, 2022

Steve Hood



The Baron (2015-11-30) poem unrhymed demon circles
with his three wings...

Prehistoric (2016-01-18) poem unrhymed

...It lies as still as a stone,
waits for a thirsty animal...

Wild (2016-02-08) poem unrhymed

"... Run feral, rugged, dirty, roam grassland plains..."

Slither (2016-03-07) poem unrhymed

" search of a rat beneath moon's dim light..."

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Steve Hood
Steve Hood

Steve Hood is an attorney and political activist. His work won an award from the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association and has been published in many places including Crack the Spine, Maudlin House, and the anthology Noisy Water. His chapbook From Here To Astronomy was published by Pudding House.

He is currently fascinated by death in his poetry, but trying to live a healthy lifestyle to put off the inevitable as long as possible.