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July 08, 2024

Articles by Kevin Landis

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Progress (2004-01-10) short

A son returns to the village of his birth, a backwards people who eschew modern advances, in an effort to make a breakthrough in some important medical studies. His father warns him that Progress is an evil, destructive force. They've never agreed before, but could the events that follow change either party's mind?

The Courage of a King (2004-01-31) short

How we choose to act defines who we are. An old man in need of a drink. A journey that few men survive to stop a war. For Dobbins, helping his fellow man is the only choice.

The Council of Nine: Part I (2004-02-07) short

Nine dark figures manipulate the fate of the world from behind the scenes. The son of the late king holds some surprises of his own, however.

The Council of Nine: Part II -- The Coup (2004-02-14) short

The price of defying evil is evil's wrath. Prince Saam has thwarted the Council of Nine, destroying one third of the body that would rule behind his throne. Is the young Prince ready for what his actions will bring?

The Council of Nine: Part III -- Insurrection (2004-02-21) short

David is dead. Saam and Malcom are imprisoned. Who will thwart the council's evil scheme?

No News is Good News (2004-02-28) short

Sean is a newsman, a reporter for the network. He can't be going crazy. But how else do you explain what's happening to him?

E'ros (2004-03-13) short

For Chris, sailing is a way of life. His next trip brings him on an adventure of the heart as well as the body as he sets sail with a stunning woman.

The Peacemakers (2004-04-24) short

Earth has been destroyed. Can a small band of renegade humans survive a genocide where the human race is the target?

The Book (2004-10-09) short story fiction

Cover story.

She's Hired (2005-12-26) cover story speculative short fiction

A young man is about to quit his job with regardless of the consequences. Meanwhile, a dissatisfied barrista is about to complete the strangest job application of her life.

Really? (2008-04-14) short science fiction

Which is more attractive, the dreamer or the realist? Roy became an explanation in and of himself...

The Comet Within (2011-08-22) short

The end of the world is coming, and it's 127 miles wide. But is a mere hunk of rock really going to be our undoing -- or will humanity tear itself apart before it even gets here? (Originally appeared 01-03-2004)

Dragonslayer (2014-08-18) fiction police dragon

There's nothing like being in the middle of a good jelly donut to inspire Fate to try and thwart you. Lt. Jeff Harris is about to have an unusual day.

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Crosswalked (2006-01-30) cover story, humor travel

Never take anything for granted -- especially in New York City.

U2: No Line on the Horizon -- Music Review (2009-03-23) music review "no line on the horizon" U2

Kevin Landis reviews the album, "U2: No Line on the Horizon."

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