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February 19, 2024

Articles by Beate Sigriddaughter

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Eclipse (2016-08-29) cover story fiction life relationship

Beate Sigriddaughter lives and writes in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, USA. Her work has received four Pushcart Prize nominations and won four poetry awards.

Sarah (2016-12-19) cover story fiction life relationship

So many terrible things we could avoid if we could only see the future -- or see clearly into another person's heart...

The Disappearance of Caroline (2017-07-03) cover story fiction relationships love

Your heart can be like a closed door, and no one but you will know what's behind it...

Strange Justice (2018-02-12) cover story fiction war prison

One in prison, but one who suffers for the crime committed...

Demonstration (2019-08-12) cover story fiction life

Through whose eyes do you see what is shown you?

Three Women (2022-03-21) fiction life

And who will judge?

The Choice (2023-03-13) flash fiction

50 - 50, yes or no, in or out...

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Tango (2020-08-03) cover story fiction life

"Tango" - A ballroom dance originating in Buenos Aires, characterized by marked rhythms and postures and abrupt pauses...Like life?

Tango 2 (2020-08-10) fiction life love

Although a little insecure about her shortcomings as a dancer, Tara cannot deny the allure of the tango...

Tango 3 (2020-08-17) fiction life love

We dance to cling to some kind of order and beauty in the world...

Tango 4 (2020-08-24) fiction life love

Kevin is gone. Where? Why? Tara has no idea, but at least there are emails for her to hold close...

Tango 5 (2020-08-31) fiction life love

Getting to know Kevin through emails while he's away has been pleasant for Tara...is she ready to know his heart?

Tango 6 (2020-09-07) fiction life love

Kevin, from his undisclosed location, has told Tara the tragic story of his marriage. How will that affect their friendship in the future?

Tango 7 (2020-09-14) fiction life love

Kevin remembers his late wife, Robin, and how he came to understand her life...

Tango 8 (2020-09-21) fiction life love

Kevin remembers what Robin had written in her journal that horrible Monday...

Tango 9 (2020-09-28) fiction life love

In his emails to Tara, Kevin has to admit to his role in the relationship with his late wife...

Tango 10 (2020-10-05) fiction life love

And now, Robin's own words about her life and love...

Tango 11 (2020-10-12) fiction life love

Tara wonders what Kevin must have thought, finding and reading the revealing notebook by his late wife...

Tango 12 (2020-10-19) fiction life love

Tara has found out that Kevin is back in town after his long absence. Why didn't he let her know?

Tango 13 (2020-10-26) fiction life love

Conclusion. A beautiful dance...a portrait of dancers...

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