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May 27, 2024

Articles by Jon Renaut

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Winter's End (2003-03-31) short

The badger cometh! They do things a little different in D.C.

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Attack of the Cicadas (2004-05-29) op_ed, humor, insects

The last time the cicadas were here, he was only nine years old. The next time the cicadas come, he'll be out of the country.

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Another Day at the D.O.D. (2005-03-20) nonfiction memoir

Working for the Department of Defense is, generally speaking, a pretty good job. But as one software engineer discovers before heading home, little quirks like being quarantined for five hours due to a "biological threat" aren't exactly what you'd call perks. A true, first hand account of what turns out to be just another day at the D.O.D.

Peek of the Week 039 (2006-05-01) photo art

Caterpillar in the Sun

Peek of the Week 052 (2006-07-31) photo art

A droplet catches the sun and the center stage.

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Peek of the Week 029 (2006-02-13) photo art

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA.

Peek of the Week 057 (2006-09-04) photo art

A fish sculpture at the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Peek of the Week 059 (2006-09-18) photo art

Sunset at Playa Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Peek of the Week 062 (2006-10-09) photo art

A dolphin leaps through the water beside a ship

Peek of the Week 070 (2006-12-04) photo art

A beautiful sunset!

Peek of the Week 080 (2007-02-12) photo art

A romantic setting for two ...

Peek of the Week 095 (2007-06-11) photo art

Spring blossoms in Washington D. C.

Peek of the Week 111 (2007-10-08) photo art

The Children of Lir, a statue by Oisin Kelly, based on an old Irish legend.

Peek of the Week 122 (2007-12-24) photo art

York Minster, York, UK

Peek of the Week 127 (2008-01-28) photo art

A view along the rows of winter vines in Horton Vineyard in Virginia.

Peek of the Week 133 (2008-03-10) photo art

Candles catch the light in Holy Trinity Church in York, UK.

Peek of the Week 145 (2008-06-02) photo art

Gazing up at the Eiffel Tower at night.

Peek of the Week 152 (2008-07-21) photo art


Peek of the Week 159 (2008-09-08) photo art

Tigers test the waters of their enclosure.

Peek of the Week 166 (2008-10-27) photo art

Biscuit rolls on her back and tempts the unwary to rub her belly.

Peek of the Week 176 (2009-01-05) photo art

Early sunset, Tortuguera, Costa Rica.

Peek of the Week 182 (2009-02-16) photo art

A lookout watches over the inaugural procession on January 20,2009.

Peek of the Week 189 (2009-04-06) photo art

Stained glass windows in Sainte Chapelle, in Paris, France.

Peek of the Week 236 (2010-03-01) photo art

Snowmageddon, 2010

Peek of the Week 250 (2010-06-07) photo art

A brilliant cascade of bougainvillea blossoms.

Peek of the Week 284 (2011-02-07) photo art

The fractured surface of a windshield reflects an icy winter.

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