May 23, 2022

Haril Vyas



The Spirit in the Forest (2019-07-01) cover story poem rhymed

Metalhead, Misfit, walking this earth for two decades now. Dedicating my life to turn my mess into a masterpiece, and one way I see fit for it, is writing my heart out. I believe art is not just about reflecting the society, but also about carrying the viewer, reader, or to places unknown, at times an abyss and at times, a mirror.

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Haril Vyas
Haril Vyas

I'm Haril Vyas, 20 at the moment (2019). I'd mention my country as India but I believe we all walk the planet as one. No borders, no state, just individuals retaining their mind while still in a crowd. Peaceful and growing.

It's a distant dream and it grew on me. I know reality isn't anything close and opening people's eyes to it causes further alienation. That too grew on me.

The light and the dark inspire me to keep striving and writing to reach out to people. I write to take my readers to distant places, bright mornings and dark rooms, scents that linger on long after they've left the page, book, post or tab.

Academically, I'm studying medicine right now and look forward to curing people, bodies and minds alike.

On a side note, I have been trying photography since a while and have managed to get featured on Getty Images. You can check out my page on Instagram for more write-ups, photos, poetry and rants.