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June 17, 2024

Articles by Harrison Kim



The Street Charity League (2019-10-21) cover story fiction humor

Harrison Kim lives in Victoria, Canada with his editor and wife Sera. He worked 29 years as a teacher at a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, and has temporarily lived as a homeless person, commuting to work from his hammock on Burnaby Mountain near Vancouver, Canada, back when it was much safer and less common.

The Eater (2019-11-11) cover story fiction food

A true friend is one who will give you the last French fry on the plate...

The Problem with Adam (2019-12-30) cover story fiction humor

Hmmm, where did the elephant in the room go?

Under the Plum Tree (2020-03-09) cover story fiction life

Is it ever too late to turn things around?

A Blast with the Barclays (2020-04-20) cover story fiction humor

Vocabulary Word of the Day: "Karma."

Bobby Doesn't Like Me (2020-07-27) fiction humor

There's just something about an office staff...

Drinkin' and Hurtin,' a Tale of the Northern Rhythm Band (2020-12-07) cover story fiction humor

Oops -- too much...

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