May 23, 2022

Ed Nobody



Into Nothing (2020-10-26) cover story speculative fiction

Ed Nobody is an up and coming writer from Ireland who wants to break the barriers of fiction and write engaging stories not constricted by genre convention. He has written two full novels, one of which may see light next year, pending the grace of Xenu.

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Ed Nobody
Ed Nobody

Ed Nobody has lived many lives, both sequentially and in parallel, before finally landing on his true passion of writing. These include but are not limited to: Neuroscience, Programming, Bee Keeping, Philosophy, Indoor Skydiving, Long Distance Oyster Shucking, Gold Synthesis, Multilingual Translation, Pottery, Hunting Endangered Species, Bank Robbery, Filming the Next Star Wars Movie, Moth Collection, Pretending the Floor Is Lava, and Lying on His Bio. He has also lived in several countries, none of which he can recall at this moment, but maybe if you get back to him later ...

Ed (we're on first name basis now) has written two novels, neither of which have been published yet: one a literary thriller, the other an avant-garde postmodern mindpopper way too ahead of its time, but which he wrote anyway because what the hell. As for the thriller, there are potentially, maybe, perhaps people interested in it at this very moment in 8D spacetime.

Currently he is focusing on his short stories while attempting to demonstrate that there is always genius in madness. To whom, you may ask, is he demonstrating this? Good question. However, there is not enough space left in this bio to answer. If you're interested in the end of that thought, please don't hesitate to --