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April 15, 2024

Articles by Katy Grace



White Trash Gene (2005-04-17) op_ed editorial family

The White Trash Gene (WTG) is a recessive gene but unlike other recessive genetic abnormalities, this one doesn?t require procreation to wreak its havoc. It simply requires the close proximity of another like-gened sufferer.

Review: Eric Goodman's "Child of My Right Hand" (2005-05-30) book review

Jack and Genna Barish are professors at a small college in Ohio with a full plate of everyday turmoil; Jack struggles with fidelity, Genna wrestles with disillusionment. The time has come, however, when they must deal with their 17-year-old son's emergent homosexuality. The story wends its way around and through their personal journeys, the reactions of their 14-year-old daughter Lizzie and the varying responses of the townspeople.

It'll Kill Ya (2005-07-04) op_ed humor

Oh my gawd, the death count from post electorial stress is starting to rise! ...One!! ... ... .... Okay, well, while we wait for "two", the Seven Year Old Question Man has a few things to ask you. Better be quick on your feet with what little time you have left.

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