May 23, 2022

Michael Adubato



Different Gods (2021-04-12) poem unrhymed

Michael Adubato is a New Jersey writer and poet currently living in Belgium.

The Laughing Dead (2021-05-10) poem unrhymed

"I wonder if the dead laugh at us..."

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Michael Adubato
Michael Adubato

Michael Adubato is a veteran who decided to stay in Europe after his army days and currently lives somewhere in the Kingdom of Belgium where he enjoys reading, writing and going to as many professional soccer games as possible. He travels frequently, usually with his Slovak wife and sometimes convinces her to go to a game or two with him.

He writes a sports column and feature articles for a local magazine as well as writing for an online soccer publication, Yanks Abroad. On the poetry front, the Jersey boy has been published in Ariel Chart, The Dope Fiend Daily and now the Piker Press. He was a Best of the Net nomination in 2020 for Ariel Chart.

By Michael Adubato: