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April 15, 2024

Articles by Van Lee



The Corps Reborn (2005-05-16) cover story nonfiction military history

The battle of Belleau Woods was not the official beginning of the U.S. Marine Corps, but it marks the birth of the Marines as we know them and marks the emergence of some of our most treasured Marine Corps legends.

Spain and the American Revolution (2005-07-04) cover story nonfiction american history

France wasn't the only nation to aid the colonies during the American Revolution. For five years, Spain gave above and beyond what the colonies requested, and not all the aid was overt and diplomatic; Bernardo de Galvez's secret operations out of New Orleans were just a part of the role Spain played in American independence.

Operation Downfall (2005-08-08) nonfiction military history

The dropping of atomic bombs on Japan is possibly the most terrifying moment in military history. Was it worth it? Consider Operation Downfall - our contingency plan. On paper, it's always so simple. Put a face to those who lived and died and the decision becomes intensely more personal.

Armchair Historian: By Dawn's Early Light (2005-09-12) military history

The War of 1812 brought the U.S. into the international scene, solidified it as a nation, and led to the organization of a professional army. It's arguably one of the most important events in the history of our nation, but it also is one of the least remembered.

Stand, Navy, Out to Sea... (2005-10-03) military history

October 13 is the birthday of the United States Navy. Take a brief look at the history of one of the best military organizations in the world.

The Forgotten Branch (2005-10-31) nonfiction military history

Their job is to protect U.S. coastal areas, but the Coast Guard had direct involvement with the invasion of Normandy and has participated in all the wars in which the U.S. has been involved. Take a look at the forgotten branch of the U.S. military.

Family Feud, Brotherly Love (2005-12-05) nonfiction military history

Anyone who has been involved in a family squabblecan attest that family fights are often the nastiest. So it was with WWI. In the end, this family feud costs the lives of over eight million soldiers.

The Hero and the Traitor - a Tale of Selfish Courage (2006-01-02) military history

We remember him as a traitor, but few people recall that Benedict Arnold was one of the greatest heroes of the American Revolution, or why he turned against the young nation he fought so bravely for.

The Hero and the Traitor - a Tale of Selfish Courage 02 (2006-02-13) military history

His actions can arguably be the greatest of anyone to lead to American victory, but in the end, his motivations were selfish, his courage and ability a commodity to be purchased. The story of Benedict Arnold is indeed a tale of "selfish courage."

D's and Days (2006-04-24) nonfiction military history

For the last sixty years, there has been one question repeatedly asked by novice historians. What does the "d" in D-day stand for? Ironically enough, the answer is in the very word itself. (Originally appeared 2005-06-06)

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