May 16, 2022

Alex Villepique



Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss (2021-06-14) cover story speculative fiction

Alex Villepique is an astrophysicist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who loves to ponder of "what if" sci-fi scenarios and turn them into stories. Currently living in mountains of South California and stares either at the night sky or computer screen.

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Alex Villepique
Alex Villepique

Science Fiction motivated me to do science, and in times of cell phones dawn I got Ph.D. in Astrophysics and explored the universe. And living through the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina also made me wonder about humans and human societies. Today, I'm exploring different future scenarios through my stories. It always interested me what might happen to humans. We have great potential, but also serious failings.

Surrounded with my spouse and pets, I'm working on how to incorporate all that musings into stories. As a non-native speaker, I find it a delightful challenge to work on writing craft, developing ability to weave in the tidbits I picked up from science and life experience from living in four different countries. I hope you will enjoy my stories.