May 16, 2022

Paul Lubaczewski



What Is Left (2018-12-31) cover story fiction horror

Before deciding to take writing seriously, Paul has done many things: printer, caving, the SCA, Brew-master, punk singer, music critic etc. Since then he has appeared in numerous science fiction and horror magazines and anthologies. Part One of Two.

What is Left 2 (2019-01-07) fiction horror

The town of Milden has a cancer rate that is outrageous, but although cancer kills, it doesn't make people disappear...

Homo Seductus (2020-02-24) cover story fiction cavers

When something seems too good to be true, it might not be. Good, that is...

The Black Volga (2021-11-22) cover story fiction horror

You believe you know something, but what if you're wrong about it? The lack of certainty could ensure your safety, or your failure...

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Paul Lubaczewski
Paul Lubaczewski

Paul has lived all over the country before settling in Appalachia over fifteen years ago with his wife Leslie and their son. He also has two adult children living in his native Pennsylvania. He is the author of two horror comedy novels, with a third one on the way from Madness Heart Press.

Along with that he has published a novella and a collection of novelettes from St. Rooster Books, "A New Life" and "3 Hits From the Holler." His first full length collection, "What Is a Paddywack" published this May from Dreaming Big Publications. Paul is a member of the Horror Writers Association, appearing on panel for horror comedy at the 2021 Stoker Con. He has a dark and serious horror side, but he has also never answered the question, "Is everything a joke with you?" correctly once in his entire life.

By Paul Lubaczewski: