May 23, 2022

Antonio Hopson



Novel Excerpt: Ogden Messiah (2006-03-06) cover story literary fiction

Antonio Hopson's upcoming novel, Ogden Messiah, is a tale of breathing life into the impossible, giving color to faded corners of consciousness and bringing closure to an act of terrible sin. In this excerpt, Abeque-Abeque witnesses the hand of destiny in a very special way.

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Antonio Hopson
Antonio Hopson

Antonio Hopson has published short stories in The Harrow Magazine, The Subterranean Quarterly, Poor Mojo's Almanac and also NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu's Exquisite Corpse Magazine. Currently, The Vernal Equinox of Death and Kisses, an anthology of his previously published short stories, is available at major bookstores.

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