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April 22, 2024

Articles by Tom Hamilton



A New Sleep (2006-11-06) cover story serial fiction

Tom Hamilton is an Irish Traveler. He currently lives with the clan known as the Mississippi Travelers. His work has appeared in over seventy publications including 'Bathtub Gin', 'The Rockford Review' and the 'Old Crow Review' among many others. Along with his wife Mary Theresa and their two small daughters, Tiffany and Hope Ann, he lives in Memphis TN.

A New Sleep: Part 2 (2006-11-13) serial fiction

As it turned out, committing suicide wasn't even all that difficult. In fact, when Doctor Burke told his colleagues about Pat's request for assisted suicide, it was like he'd placed a "Help Wanted" sign on Pat's chest.

A New Sleep: Part 3 (2006-11-20) serial fiction

The involuntary thrashing of his muscles ceased and Pat's movements settled as his mind slipped into a new sleep. And one of his questions was answered immediately: the slumber of death was a conscious sleep.

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