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April 15, 2024

Articles by Michael McLaughlin

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Lake Zinzunzan (2007-01-29) cover story short fiction

Michael McLaughlin lives on the shores of Lake Chapala, Mexico, having escaped the United States in 2005 many years away from retirement. Since coming to magical Mexico his writing output has exploded (Wouldn't yours?) and he has been published in the Ojo Del Lago, The Barfing Frog, The Harrow, and New Graffiti. Currently he is with an improvisational comedy troupe called "Spanglish Imposition."

Retiring in Mexico By the Numbers: Part Three (2007-06-25) travel

Michael McLaughlin continues to unveil the secrets of a successful retirement in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

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Retiring in Mexico: By the Numbers (2007-06-11) cover story travel

The opinions expressed in the following articles reflect solely the views of the author and the reader should hold blameless this publication or any of its sponsors. No offense is intended to the peoples of Mexico, Canada or the United States of America. Likewise, no offense should be taken by the legal profession, auto repair shops, clothing manufacturers, the IRS, women's advocacy groups, children's self-esteem activists, The United States Immigration Service, Republicans and others mentioned in this article. Nevertheless, all is true and if you don't like it, write your own article.

Retiring in Mexico By the Numbers: Part Two (2007-06-18) opinion essay

Michael McLaughlin continues to give us the lowdown on how to approach retirement in Mexico ... this time on cars and people.

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Peek of the Week 103 (2007-08-13) photo art

A colorful house in Mexico, Lake Chapala area.

Peek of the Week 109 (2007-09-24) photo art

A horse patiently waits his rider to buy a beer in Guadalajara.

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