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April 08, 2024

Articles by Kimberly Zeidner



Paradoxica (2008-02-25) cover story fiction fantasy

Kimberly Zeider has loved writing and reading ever since she was a child. Aside from "Paradoxica," she is the author of the recently released novel, "Climbing Through Windows." When not writing, she can be found at work or spending time with her friends and family who are her biggest supporters and inspiration.

Paradoxica 2 (2008-03-03) fiction

Logan lost all the heart in himself when his twin died; she was the other half of his life. Now Logan has nothing left even of himself -- unless he can find the heart to continue on ...

Paradoxica 3 (2008-03-10) fiction

Logan's family and friends grieve for him, and wonder if he will ever have the will to live again. He just wonders if he's smart enough to do it.

Paradoxica 4 (2008-03-17) fiction fantasy

"One swallow does not make a summer," Frank had told Logan, who was beginning to understand more about life than he had thought existed ...

Paradoxica 5 (2008-03-24) fiction fantasy

With the help of his animal friends, Logan finds the source for the last riddle. If he can figure out the answer, he can leave Paradoxica, but his time is growing very short ...

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