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November 27, 2023
"Mes de los Muertos"

Articles by Ketaki Datta



Step Back, Hated Rapists (2021-09-13) poem unrhymed

Dr. Ketaki Datta is an Associate Professor of English with Bidhannagar Govt. College, Kolkata.

I Am a Dalit Girl (2021-10-11) poem unrhymed

"...beaten once, For getting my family Two buckets of water...

A Quiet Diwali (2021-11-01) poem unrhymed

"...I want all of us to pray To keep everyone hale and hearty..."

Thirst: Caught between a Man and a Tomcat (2021-11-29) poem unrhymed

"You wished to slake your thirst, did you?..."

From Here to Eternity (2021-12-27) poem unrhymed

"...The gliding of Time Into the smooth tiptoe, Down to Eternity..."

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