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July 15, 2024

Articles by Susan Shea



Behold (2024-01-15) poem unrhymed

Susan Shea is a retired school psychologist who was raised in New York City, and is now living in a forest in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Since she has returned to writing poetry this year, her poems have been accepted in a few dozen publications.

Straining (2024-02-12) poem unrhymed

"...please love your spaghetti..."

Far and Wide (2024-03-11) poem unrhymed

"... we found ourselves singing for days on end..."

On Loan (2024-04-15) poem unrhymed

"...the man who brought the baby moose into his house..."

Set in Motion (2024-05-06) poem unrhymed

"...as though I know how to go forward..."

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