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May 13, 2024

Articles by Paula Petruzzi

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The Road To Hell Is Paved ... (2009-10-19) cover story short fiction witches sorcery teens

Hailing from the quiet, itchy back woods of Pennsylvania, Paula Patruzzi has this to say about herself:"I've been a paper carrier, punch-press operator, 'sales associate', and pipefitters'/welders' helper. Now I'm a writer, which is a lot more fun than the other ones."

The Dawes Limit (2010-02-08) cover story short fiction relationships

You can call it love, or loyalty, or supportiveness ... some people would even call it "weakness," but the one thing that you have to admit about it is that it comes out of the depths of the heart ...

The Dawes Limit: Part 2 (2010-02-15) short fiction brothers

The divergence of Alex' and Michael's spirituality is apparent as they try to celebrate their mutual birthday. Is Michael ready to straighten out his life yet, or is he about to drag Alex down?

The Dawes Limit: Part 3 (2010-02-22) short fiction brothers

Michael has no respect whatsoever for Alex's spirituality. But although Alex knew that, he didn't understand that for Michael, spirituality was as game for turning a buck as selling the Brooklyn Bridge ...

The Dawes Limit: Part 4 (2010-03-01) short fiction

Alex proceeds to try to break his brother's spirit, but won't this maneuver break something in himself, too?

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The Garden of Peed-In (2013-12-02) cover story serial fiction creation

In the Beginning, before there were any Beginnings or Endings, or Befores, for that matter, there was -- or wasn't -- oh, never mind, here's how it all happened...

The Garden of Peed-In 02 (2013-12-09) serial fiction fantasy humor

It was the best place, with everything a dog could want, everything a human could want. But something feels like a tug inside...

The Garden of Peed-In 03 (2013-12-16) serial fiction fantasy creation

Plenty to eat, all the world to roam, and the only thing missing is...regret...

The Garden of Peed-In 04 (2013-12-23) serial fiction fantasy creation

A taste for seaweed gets Zan thinking ... in a dangerous direction.

The Garden of Peed-In 05 (2013-12-30) serial fiction fantasy humor creation

Dreams are supposed to be restful, but when everyday life is full of rest and plenty, dreams can turn to a different path...

The Garden of Peed-In 06 (2014-01-06) serial fiction fantasy humor creation

In a place that has everything you could ever need, doesn't it just figure that Nar would find things that he just wants?

The Garden of Peed-In 07 (2014-01-13) serial fiction fantasy humor creation

The thing about the dreams was that Zan and Nar saw things they wanted to see in real life -- and now their world is only about how it can fulfill the dreams...

The Garden of Peed-In 08 (2014-01-20) serial fiction fantasy humor creation

"Everything that the humans had made or built...seemed to be more bother than it was worth." Listen to the dog, he knows what life is about.

The Garden of Peed-In 09 (2014-01-27) serial fiction fantasy humor creation

When you dream big, you also might fail big. That doesn't have to stop you. Nar has had the biggest dream yet, and nothing is going to stop him...

The Garden of Peed-In 10 (2014-02-03) serial fiction humor creation

Nar spent all his flint tools chopping down the biggest tree -- and then it vanished. There's reason for that, and the humans and the dogs are about to find out what it was.

The Garden of Peed-In 11 (2014-02-10) serial fiction humor creation

The great Time Tree has been destroyed, Time has been let loose. What will Time bring to the first people and the first dogs?

The Garden of Peed-In 12 (2014-02-17) serial fiction humor creation

Before Time was set loose, there was no Beginning, or Ending...

The Garden of Peed-In 13 (2014-02-24) serial fiction humor creation

With Time flying by to unbalance the equations of Life, it's only a matter of Time before hunger outgrows the supply of food...

The Garden of Peed-In 14 (2014-03-03) serial fiction humor creation

Time is passing, and generations are trying to remember all the things that have happened. But you can't assume innocence in humans, not even when you were innocent yourself...

The Garden of Peed-In 15 (2014-03-10) serial fiction humor creation

Fez enjoys an outing as much as anyone, but this one is giving him some trouble...

The Garden of Peed-In 16 (2014-03-17) serial fiction humor creation

When one person (or one dog) has what someone else wants, things begin to happen -- for good or for ill.

The Garden of Peed-In 17 (2014-03-24) serial fiction humor creation

Skeem's dreams of wealth come from laziness...can he make the effort necessary to be lazy all the time?

The Garden of Peed-In 18 (2014-03-31) serial fiction humor creation

Having taken all of Skeem's crystals, Kanive has a plan to corner the market, to become Creation's first Fort Knox.

The Garden of Peed-In 19 (2014-04-07) serial fiction humor creation

Conclusion. With the invention of money, things have changed for the humans. What could have been convenient becomes a bone of contention.

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