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June 17, 2024

Articles by Effie Collins

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Too Little, Too Late (2009-11-09) cover story short fiction

Effie Collins is a writer of horror and speculative short fiction and novels. She lives quietly with her husband, three children and two beloved pit bulls, Sarrow and Chancey, in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

Black Rainbow (2010-06-14) cover story novelette horror

Years pass, and what seemed would be unending tedium, a habit of living suddenly changes. It feels good, but only as long as Emma and Fox don't think about it too much ...

Black Rainbow, Part 2 (2010-06-21) novelette horror

Fox and Emma try to forget what they both want, and can never be ... but even as they push away their thoughts, something else is listening ...

Black Rainbow, Part 3 (2010-06-28) novella horror

Emma can't hide her infatuation with Fox. Percy can't help but see it, and let himself go with the spirit that moves him ...

Teddy (2011-04-25) short fiction horror

Teddy is a special boy and no one knows it better than Laiken St. James. When her parents try to keep them apart, Laiken leaves home to be with Teddy, but she never expected the consequences of Teddy's wrath. (Originally appeared 2009-10-19)

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In A Moment (2010-02-15) poem unrhymed

Effie Collins presents a trio of poems: "things a person could think in that instant before an argument..."

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Black Rainbow, Part Four (2010-07-05) horror possession

Percy knows -- and the thing that has told him about Emma and Fox also tells him that blood is the only solution ...

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