May 23, 2022

Steven Comstock



The Glass Man (2009-12-14) cover story science fiction

To what lengths are you willing to go to collect ancient artifacts? Would you have carried off King Tut's sarcophagus? Would you have stolen Marie Antoinette's jewelry? Would a group of filthy barbarians object if you came among them desiring what little they had?

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Steven Comstock
Steven Comstock

"I live in Connecticut and teach at a parochial school to fifth and eighth grade students. I tend to be judgmental and slightly outside the mainstream but am working hard to conform with popular movements and what VH1 says. Spare time? Not really, but if I have a microsecond, I'll play my gee-tar, read history or sci-fi, or jog. I love watching bad movies. Writing is best when I'm in a groove and can feel my story emerging without effort -- these times are rare."