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June 10, 2024

Articles by Peter Balaskas



Lessons in Aviation, Part 2 (2009-12-28) Short science fiction

A leap of faith, a gift of hope, and a stretch of the imagination -- freedom and joy!

Lessons in Aviation, Part One (2011-04-25) science fiction

Peter is a speculative fiction writer, most notably the author of the award winning supernatural thriller, "The Grandmaster." He is also the Founder and Managing Editor of Ex Machina Press, a publishing company based in Los Angeles, which was named 2007 PUBLISHER OF THE YEAR by the DIY Book Festival in Los Angeles. (Originally appeared 2009-12-21)

The Cavalier's Voice (2012-04-23) short science fiction

In the face of injustice, one can only hope that someone, somewhere will take a stand against it ...

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