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June 24, 2024

Articles by Sam Gridley

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SoTender (2010-02-22) cover story short fiction

Sam Gridley's fiction and satire have appeared in numerous magazines in print and online.

SoTender, Part 2 (2010-03-01) short fiction

Rick sees in Merle's blog entries a clear danger, but wonders why on earth Paula continues to defend him ...

SoTender, Part 3 (2010-03-08) short fiction tragedy

When Paula finally begins to tell the whole story about her friendship with Merle, Rick can hardly bear to hear it ...

End of the Ride (2012-01-23) cover story short fiction relationships

Death, the great equalizer -- only Linc hasn't the faintest desire to be equal to his hell-bound cousin ...

End of the Ride 2 (2012-01-30) short fiction family relationships

That lying, drunken, irresponsible crook -- wouldn't you think that instead of weeping, the family would be saying, "Good riddance"?

End of the Ride 3 (2012-02-06) short fiction family relationships

It's time to close the coffin lid over his reprobate cousin, but will doing so open up memories that still turn Linc's stomach?

End of the Ride 4 (2012-02-13) short fiction family relationships

Conclusion. Who is this woman Marie, who seems to know him? Surely it couldn't be -- no, surely not ...

Survivors (2018-05-28) cover story fiction family

A turning point, coming late. A message, is it welcome? Part One of Three.

Survivors, Part Two (2018-06-04) fiction family

Part Two of Three. After her ex-husband's death, Susan takes an obsessive interest in her former step-daughter, Erin. Does Erin return the interest?

Survivors, Part Three (2018-06-11) fiction family

Conclusion. Susan has had her wish: she's been reunited with her former step-daughter after so many years. But can people damaged by abuse accept a hand outstretched in friendship?

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The News From Gridleyville: Featured Blog (2013-10-07) essay featured blog

The Piker Press is pleased to begin featuring blog entries from our listed bloggers. This week, Sam Gridley and his tangled web of great fortune...

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