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July 08, 2024

Articles by Anna Sykora

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The Joy of Cats (2010-03-15) cover story short fiction

Anna Sykora writes for the joy from Hanover, Germany, where she resides with her patient husband and three enormous Norwegian Forest Cats. Editors seem to prefer her humor, horror and animal tales.

The Joy of Cats 2 (2010-06-28) cover story short fiction humor

Walt's weekend of liberty should be coming to an end, but he can't bear to go back, not yet ...

The Joy of Cats 3 (2010-07-12) short fiction

Walt has escaped from jail, and is well on his way to getting Hulk back to his owner, but someone still plans to track him down ...

Talent Night (2010-10-25) short fiction

Family can be trying even during the best of times, but this one is pulled in so many directions that it's very hard for them all to pull together ...

Wall Street Blues (2011-06-20) cover story short fiction

It's the booming 80s, and if you want to ride the boom to the good life, you have to make a few sacrifices ... it will all be worth it, won't it?

Persuasion (2011-10-17) short fiction fantasy humor

No matter what weapons are being used, isn't it true that Love conquers all?

The World Is My Worry Bead (2012-04-16) short fiction disaster

Crazies are bound to destroy the world as we know it -- the apocalypse could be right around the corner ...

When Eurogeddon Comes (2012-07-23) cover story short fiction garden

Tomatoes for the summer, potatoes for the winter ... the neighbors may laugh now, but the financial crisis is peeking over the horizon, and Mary Lou sees a lot less of it behind the hedge of her plants.

When Eurogeddon Comes 2 (2012-10-22) cover story short fiction humor life

The economy is iffy, and people have forgotten that there is only so much money to go around. Maybe it is high time we all looked at our gardens differently...

Everyone Wins (2012-12-24) cover story short fiction humor horror

The trick is to know when enough is enough -- and then have the sense to stop...

When Eurogeddon Comes 3 (2013-02-04) cover story short fiction economics

Now was the time when a grandmother's ghost should have whispered that air circulation is important, along with the paper bags ... but who listens to grandmothers any more, whether it's about green tomatoes -- or money?

Green Apple Pie (2013-07-08) cover story fiction life death

Look out for yourself -- this future is closer than you think!

Pumpkin Heaven (2013-10-07) cover story essay garden pumpkins

A lot of work, a great deal of study, and what is the result? A huge sense of accomplishment, and a bumper crop of joy!

Misfits (2014-03-31) cover story science fiction aliens humor

Same clothes, same haircut...in New York City? You've got to be kidding!

Dodo the Guardian (2014-07-21) cover story science fiction aliens cats

The invasion! Only one being could stop the annihilation of the world...

My Sister, Myself (2015-02-23) cover story fiction life family death

The only way to avoid the curse of Death is to welcome and embrace the gift it brings...

Alice's Choice (2015-07-06) cover story fiction fantasy lewis carroll

Ah, to wake upon that shining shore again...

The Haunted Necklace (2016-02-15) cover story fiction horror

Ah, Vienna, city of ancient beauties! But what may feast the eye may still endanger the soul...

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Crazy Tomato (2014-12-15) cover story essay gardening

Out of season, out of doors, and almost -- almost -- out of luck...

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