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June 24, 2024

Articles by John Paulits

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The Best Laid Plans (2011-05-09) cover story short fiction

With age, comes wisdom, they say. But if the passage of time makes us wise, should we worry about getting too smart for our own good?

Stellamon (2011-09-12) cover story short science fiction

The future is unknown. But if you did know what the future would hold, would you have the heart to continue in the present?

The Small Voice (2012-03-12) cover story short fiction horror

Small children always crave attention. Most parents know and understand that. But there are others who know that, too ...

The Mystery of Charles Dickens: A Tale of Mesmerism and Murder (2012-06-11) novel exerpt "The Mystery of Charles Dickens"

To tantalize our reading appetite, John Paulits shares with us an exerpt from his newest novel, "The Mystery of Charles Dickens."

A Day at the Circus (2012-07-09) cover story short fiction future

When the creatures get to this stage, they definitely no longer pose a threat to humans ... and safety is what we want, right?

Born Again (2013-03-11) short fiction life reincarnation

It didn't matter that Skip didn't want to believe ... he was a man who had no choice in the event.

Tabula Rasa (2016-02-22) cover story science fiction time travel

This could be the most amazing invention in mankind's history...and a glimpse of mankind's future...Part One of Two.

Tabula Rasa 2 (2016-02-29) science fiction time travel

Conclusion. Carl Tyson has found a way to venture into the future -- and it appears that the future needs him to change things for the people who are left...

Henny and Lloyd's First Case (2016-10-24) cover story fiction humor detectives

Ambition -- check. Analytical mind -- check. Determination -- check. Whiskey -- yeah, that, too. Now all they need is the case...

The Burial (2017-10-23) cover story short fiction horror

A season changes, and suddenly, nothing that was will ever be perceived the same way again...

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A Dying Fall: Book Excerpt (2014-06-16) book excerpt "A Dying Fall"

John Paulits invites us to enjoy an excerpt from his book, "A Dying Fall," the second of his "Shakespeare Murders" mysteries.

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