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June 17, 2024

Articles by Cody Stanford

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Gryphonwind (2010-04-19) cover story novelette fantasy

Cody L. Stanford lives in Overland Park, Kansas. He attended the University of Missouri at Kansas City and is fascinated by the arts, history, politics, mythology, and other elements that shape the forces and foibles of human nature. His stories have appeared in "The New Orphic Review", "The Circle", and "Eyes". When not writing, he often spends time working with tigers and other exotic cats at a nearby feline conservation park.

Gryphonwind 2 (2010-04-26) fiction fantasy

Three princes are about to discover that bloodline alone does not make nobility, and that words can even drive apart brotherly love ...

Gryphonwind 3 (2010-05-03) ficiton fantasy

Not only is Clement missing, but his two brothers are at odds with their gryphons ... how can they win a battle like this?

Gryphonwind 4 (2010-05-10) fiction fantasy

The castle is attacked, the city is attacked; man fights man, and gryphon fights gryphon -- how will they ever find peace again?

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Flying Fox (2010-08-09) short fiction fantasy

Start your day by flying over the river. Don?t drop your little brother in the gorge. Kill a few dragons and gryphons along the way and for heaven?s sake, watch out for the giant snakes! If you make it to school alive, the pop quiz on math should be a cinch.

Flying Fox Part 2 (2010-08-16) short fiction fantasy

Another day, another battle to cross the gorge. The same as every day, except that today, a precious burden falls ...

Flying Fox Part 3 (2010-08-23) short fiction fantasy

Marji is fighting to reach her brother who has fallen into the jungle; can a weary girl keep up the pace she needs to save them both?

Flying Fox Part 4 (2010-08-30) short fiction fantasy

If only Marji can make it up the hill, this battle might even be worth it -- but a certain dragon-beast has a taste for revenge ...

Freedom (2010-09-27) short fiction fantasy

If you cannot have freedom, is death better? If you cannot love, should the world change?

Blood Quarry (2011-01-10) short fiction fantasy

It started out as a simple camping trip ...

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