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April 15, 2024

Articles by David H. Donaghe



Biker Heaven (2010-05-17) cover story short fiction

David H. Donaghe lives and works in the high desert of southern California. He has three passions in life: reading, writing, and riding his motorcycle. When not delving into a good book or putting his face in the wind on his motorcycle, David writes short stories and novels. In 1995, David took the First Place prize in the California Writer's Club short story contest with his Western short story, "Blind Justice."

The Devil's Punch Bowl (2010-07-05) cover story short fiction fantasy bikers

Hell is on the road, hunting for souls to steal, trying to take over territory so only evil can abide there. Death awaits all who try to stand in its way -- except for those who don't fear Death at all ...

Bring A Brother Home (2011-09-26) cover story short fiction bikers

When your time has come, and the Grim Reaper is hanging around your door, it's good to have a brother by your side ...

Bring A Brother Home, Part Two (2011-10-03) serial fiction fantasy

Sonny's dead, and he can accept that now. It's time for Cave Man to escort him around while he takes care of the last pieces of business ...

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