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June 17, 2024

Articles by Peter Kovochich



Only Mickey Ever Used the Outhouse (2010-06-07) cover story novelette

Peter lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he's worked in the magical realms of libraries, human resources, and word processing departments. He's also done some freelance editing and has had short stories appear in Carve Magazine and Elysian Fields Quarterly. Peter is living proof that with a little bit of love and a lot of caffeine, writer's block can indeed be conquered.

Only Mickey Ever Used the Outhouse, Part 2 (2010-06-14) novelette

Mickey's raid on the Stempels' boathouse is not going unavenged ... but isn't this outcome what everyone but Dad and Mickey wanted?

Only Mickey Ever Used the Outhouse, Part 3 (2010-06-21) novelette

Surely Mickey was relying on them to save the day ... and they will do their best, though by Mickey's standards, it might not be enough ...

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