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June 17, 2024

When You Want To Comment...

The Piker Press is a literary ezine that publishes fiction, non-fiction, essays, art, and cartoons. We welcome discussion of ideas, feedback on non-fiction, (as in "Hey, I tried that recipe and it killed my cat") and support for authors.

All comments are moderated, and just as the Piker Press does not accept all submitted works from authors, we also do not accept all comments.

Comments about punctuation and spelling and word choice will not appear in the Press. Those comments are best sent to the Editors (editor@pikerpress.com).

Flame wars, derogatory remarks about the authors, obscene or bigoted statements will also not make it into publication. Comments deemed to be of a personal nature will be handed on to the author for whom they are intended (if they are not obscene or bigoted) but will not be published.