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September 19, 2022
The Wild Whirlwind Will Wane
Ndaba Sibanda PG-13 -- "...paper and leaves soared, sped in the wind..."

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The Universal Telephone Company and You - A History
John Grey PG-13 -- "...a simple uncritical inroad to a complex art..."

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The Kitten
Arthur Dick PG-13 -- "...bounding around trying to figure out what it is..."

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Dan Provost PG-13 -- "...If I stood still and said nothing..."

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left out
Paul Tanner PG-13 -- "...did you really think the world needed more you?..."

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Everybody Wants To Own Me
Rocio Iglesias PG-13 -- "...I don't know how to love you past my own risk..."

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Real Artist
Dessy Tsvetkova PG-13 -- Dessy Tsvetkova (born 1970 in Sofia, Bulgaria), has worked as a reporter for Darik Radio, newspapers Woman, News, Women kingdom and has published poetry in Mother tongue speech, Literary Academy and Flame and Sea magazines.

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Geistmann 3: To the Ends of the Earth, Chapter Twenty-three
Ron Singer PG-13 -- Time for a certain ghost to be on the move again...

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Passing By
Thomas Elson PG-13 -- "...I know what you're made of..."

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Documentation Is Civilization
Ethan Goffman PG-13 -- Exactly.

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Roti in Lockdown Times!
Pranab Ghosh PG-13 -- Connections during lockdown -- so important, even small ones...

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Have Mercy
Esther Mubawa PG-13 -- Esther Mubawa is a Zimbabwe woman, single mother. She lives and works in Cape Town as a maid. When she has time, she goes for walks on the beach, reads, and writes about her life and the lives of other Shona women. Twitter: @EMubawa

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