September 13, 2021

Chris Miller

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At The Public Library (2004-12-11) short fiction, contemporary

A brief journey into one man's relationship with literature.

The Procrastinator (2004-12-18) short

A tale to inspire a New Year's Resolution or two: He's got a full-time job and a few simple pleasures, but his wife constantly nags him. "You watch too much TV. You drink too much beer. You need to clean out that garage." You know, when you're right, you're right.

The Crayola Kid (2005-01-16) short

Ah, the terrible twos. A headstrong boy doodles on the walls of the house, while his concerned father tries to discipline him. Is he being too harsh? A neighbor thinks so, causing Dad to say, "If you can't beat em, join em" in this Edgar Allen Poe-esque tale of child rearing.

Dream Girl (2005-02-06) short fiction, contemporary

All his girlfriend ever does is nag. Her annoying quirks, habits and fits are growing by the day. She used to do tequila shots at the bar with him, now she's not interested in anything fun. Not like Darielle, whose electric blue eyes have been haunting his dreams...

Blame the Ducks (2005-11-14) cover story contemporary drama

Just because you walk away from the wreck doesn't mean you've survived.

I Love Kylie (2006-12-11) cover story short fiction

There comes a moment when your life teeters on a precipice -- to give your heart to someone else or hold back and pretend your feelings aren't real. Ah, isn't that why they call it "falling" in love?

Cassandra's Quails (2014-04-14) short fiction contemporary

At 39 years of age, Cassandra is tired of the patterns that define her life and ready to break free of the cycle of choosing the wrong man. But why she always ends up with subnormal partners isn't clear until she buys a small farm and begins raising Japanese quails.

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Buttered Toast (2006-04-24) poem unrhymed

(Originally appeared 2005-07-04)

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Chris Miller
Chris Miller

Chris Miller, born in Edmonton, Alberta (the so-called City of Champions) in 1971, began writing short stories at a young age. Then Miller gave up writing altogether, opting instead for the world of work and bars. His 20's were spent roaming from odd jobs in coal mines and liquor stores to odd dwellings across Western Canada. Attaining his journalism diploma at Grant MacEwan College, Miller secured a job with the Wainwright Review, working as editor of the fledgling newspaper. It was a job that took no effort except for the strength to show up and the patience to perform mindless operations. In 2001 he took over as editor of the Cold Lake Sun. Now he has come out of literary hibernation and began to write fiction again. Miller's eyes are brown, his shoes are old and nobody loves him.

20 Stories of Drifters, Drunkards and Dreamers

20 Stories of Drifters, Drunkards and Dreamers

Edited by Chris Miller, this short story collection contains samples of fiction from some of the best underground writers in the world today, including Delphine Lecompte, Calvin Liu and Chris Millis. Many of the stories involve violence, heavy drinking and intense sexuality.

First edition.