February 17, 2020

Coming Soon in the Piker Press:

February 24, 2020
  • Buffet Squirrel Betsy Mars (poem unrhymed)
  • Don't Regret You Ferris E. Jones (poem unrhymed)
  • Doublemindedness Judith Alexander Brice (poem unrhymed)
  • Guilt Trip Ivan Jenson (poem unrhymed)
  • Preteen Anarchist Brian Rihlmann (poem unrhymed)
  • The Oddessy R.M. Engelhardt (poem unrhymed)
  • Through My Neighbor's Window Gary Glauber (poem unrhymed)
  • We Are Not An Error But The Idioms Of Our Era Ndaba Sibanda (poem rhymed)
  • Homo Seductus - Paul Lubaczewski (cover story fiction cavers)
March 02, 2020
  • Breathing Under a Sea of Thirstiness Ndaba Sibanda (poem unrhymed)
  • Early Morning with Jesus John Dorroh (poem unrhymed)
  • The Prophet of Sorrows Ahmad Al-khatat (poem unrhymed)
March 09, 2020
  • Coding Connie S. Tettenborn (visual art)
  • Insomnia Rp Verlaine (poem unrhymed)
  • Religion is a tale Robin Wyatt Dunn (poem unrhymed)
  • Shiver Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
  • The Flame Jacob Greb (fiction personal battle)
March 16, 2020
  • anxiety Jack Henry (poem unrhymed)
  • Becoming the Beloved Fabrice Poussin (poem unrhymed)
  • Blues in the Night Elaine Zentner (poem unrhymed)
  • He Who Has Brought No Stone Ferris E. Jones (poem unrhymed)
  • Riffle Sanjeev Sethi (poem unrhymed)
  • The Truth About Curveballs Charlie Brice (poem unrhymed)
March 23, 2020
  • Downhill Racing Gary Glauber (poem unrhymed)
  • Embers Brian Rihlmann (poem unrhymed)
  • Nameless Gopal Lahiri (poem unrhymed)
  • Of Cairns and Gratitude Judith Alexander Brice (poem unrhymed)
  • Personal Eureka Ivan Jenson (poem unrhymed)
March 30, 2020
  • I Was Originally the God of the Gods Hongri Yuan (poem unrhymed)
  • Another Ballad for Shifty Toebone Christian McCulloch (fiction)
April 06, 2020
  • Lake Champagne Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
  • Spark Connie S. Tettenborn (visual art)
  • The Colour of Autumn Ahmad Al-khatat (poem unrhymed)
  • They tried to take the mystery away Robin Wyatt Dunn (poem unrhymed)
  • Isolation Jacob Greb (fiction personal battle)
April 13, 2020
  • a crowded mid-town bus around noon Jack Henry (poem unrhymed)
  • Ashland Blues John Dorroh (poem unrhymed)
  • Touching a Star Fabrice Poussin (poem unrhymed)
  • Vita Sanjeev Sethi (poem unrhymed)
April 20, 2020
  • Clubbing with Constellations Ndaba Sibanda (essay life)
  • Ars Poetica: An Invitation Judith Alexander Brice (poem unrhymed)
  • The Truth About Paper Charlie Brice (poem unrhymed)
April 27, 2020
  • Another Me from Heavens Hongri Yuan (poem unrhymed)
  • Final at Bat Gary Glauber (poem unrhymed)
  • Summer of Discontent Gopal Lahiri (poem unrhymed)
  • The Rubber Tappers and Panthers Social Club - Nick Gerrard (cover story fiction life)
May 04, 2020
  • No Time Connie S. Tettenborn (poem rhymed)
  • Sat by the River Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
May 11, 2020
  • Contingence Sanjeev Sethi (poem unrhymed)
  • Green Bananas Judith Alexander Brice (poem unrhymed)
  • My Teacher's Question Ahmad Al-khatat (poem unrhymed)
May 18, 2020
  • The Truth About Birds Charlie Brice (poem unrhymed)
May 25, 2020
  • The Azure Sea Hongri Yuan (poem unrhymed)
June 01, 2020
  • Ambition Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
  • An Analysis of Introspection Connie S. Tettenborn (visual art)
June 08, 2020
  • Elixir Judith Alexander Brice (poem unrhymed)
  • Lost Ahmad Al-khatat (poem unrhymed)
  • Unevenness Sanjeev Sethi (poem unrhymed)
June 22, 2020
  • The Bath of the Cool Breeze Hongri Yuan (poem unrhymed)
June 29, 2020
  • Entrance Connie S. Tettenborn (visual art)
  • Local #1 Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
July 06, 2020
  • If I Don't Ahmad Al-khatat (poem unrhymed)
  • Questionary Sanjeev Sethi (poem unrhymed)
August 03, 2020
  • Wounded Spirits Ahmad Al-khatat (poem unrhymed)

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