September 27, 2021

Coming Soon in the Piker Press:

October 04, 2021
  • Burnt Offerings Harvey Silverman (essay memoir)
  • Letter to Brenda Before Nightfall** Daniel J. Flore III (poem unrhymed)
  • Satiated Souls** Pranab Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • Threshing and Shelling** Ndaba Sibanda (poem unrhymed)
  • through the eyes of a young suicidal man** Giovanni Mangiante (poem unrhymed)
  • Unruly Page Turner Charles Cicirella (poem unrhymed)
  • Witch's Teeth** Aleathia Drehmer (poem unrhymed)
  • The Lake Erie Lights 6 Hawkelson Rainier (serial fiction speculative)
  • Toofani** Amrita Valan (fiction life)
  • Was I Not Curious Enough? Thomas Elson (flash fiction)
October 11, 2021
  • Psalm** Cora Taylor (essay)
  • A Morning's Walk** Nolo Segundo (poem unrhymed)
  • Back at Camp** Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
  • I Am a Dalit Girl** Ketaki Datta (poem unrhymed)
  • Knuckle Work** Charlie Robert (poem unrhymed)
  • The Grain Song** Ndaba Sibanda (poem rhymed)
  • The Portal in the Woods** Strider Marcus Jones (poem rhymed)
  • Ugly Women** Connie Woodring (poem unrhymed)
  • Zombies** Fabrice Poussin (poem unrhymed)
October 18, 2021
  • Aloneness** Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal (poem unrhymed)
  • Badass** Catherine Arra (poem unrhymed)
  • Bu Is a Psychologist and...Human** Ndaba Sibanda (poem unrhymed)
  • Deadlier Than Death** Pranab Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • End of the World** Julian O. Long (poem unrhymed)
  • Headline: Washing Machine Eats Socks** Peter A. Witt (poem unrhymed)
  • Like Alice** Lynn White (poem unrhymed)
  • Matchbox College, Madison, Wisconsin, 1974** Richard D. Houff (poem unrhymed)
October 25, 2021
  • Artistic Aspirations** Richard LeDue (poem unrhymed)
  • Bum Magnets** Hugh Blanton (poem unrhymed)
  • cup of runneth over** Ursula McCabe (poem unrhymed)
  • Insomnia** Abhishek Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • The First Spin** Vandana Kumar (poem unrhymed)
  • This Circus Act** Rp Verlaine (poem unrhymed)
  • Union of Ideas** Sanjeev Sethi (poem unrhymed)
  • Warmth** Gopal Lahiri (poem unrhymed)
  • When Dread Deserted** Ndaba Sibanda (poem rhymed)
  • Germanium** Jim Bates (fiction life)
November 01, 2021
  • A Landing and a Crescendoing Drone** Ndaba Sibanda (poem unrhymed)
  • A Quiet Diwali** Ketaki Datta (poem unrhymed)
  • Gerhard Richter Ohne Titel (9.8.98) Aleathia Drehmer (poem unrhymed)
  • Hide and Seek with Death** Pranab Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • Terry Provost Charles Cicirella (poem unrhymed)
  • Daddy's Stories** Thomas Elson (flash fiction)
  • Mausoleum in the Mojave** - Lamont A. Turner (cover story fiction horror)
  • The Gourmet's Deadly Dish John Mara (fiction horror)
November 08, 2021
  • Archive** Cora Taylor (essay)
  • Dark Drawn Man** Strider Marcus Jones (poem rhymed)
  • Ecstacy** Fabrice Poussin (poem unrhymed)
  • Nighty Night** Charlie Robert (poem unrhymed)
  • SOS** Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
  • The Face of the Buddha** Nolo Segundo (poem unrhymed)
  • The Idle Mind Slits My Throat** Daniel J. Flore III (poem unrhymed)
  • Why They Miss Auntie Sithe** Ndaba Sibanda (poem unrhymed)
  • The Trash Pickers** Joseph Lewis (fiction horror)
November 15, 2021
  • Anthem of Death** Pranab Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • Antropocene** Julian O. Long (poem unrhymed)
  • Lover-To-Be** Catherine Arra (poem unrhymed)
  • Once** Lynn White (poem unrhymed)
  • Pitch-Black Darkness** Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal (poem unrhymed)
  • Requiem** Peter A. Witt (poem unrhymed)
  • T.I.M.E. (The Infinite Measure Extinguished)** Tim Heerdink (poem unrhymed)
  • Spirits in the Night Mitchell Waldman (fiction life death)
November 22, 2021
  • Family** Hugh Blanton (poem unrhymed)
  • if I should die** Robin Wyatt Dunn (poem unrhymed)
  • Mission** Abhishek Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • Pristine Landscape** Gopal Lahiri (poem unrhymed)
  • Rats in the Barn** Richard D. Houff (poem unrhymed)
  • Vision** Rp Verlaine (poem unrhymed)
  • Vista** Sanjeev Sethi (poem unrhymed)
  • The Black Volga** Paul Lubaczewski (fiction horror)
November 29, 2021
  • Death of Desire** Pranab Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • Don't Eat the Blowfish** Charlie Robert (poem unrhymed)
  • Silent Movies** Aleathia Drehmer (poem unrhymed)
  • Thirst: Caught between a Man and a Tomcat** Ketaki Datta (poem unrhymed)
  • The Little Wild - Julian Grant (cover story speculative fiction)
December 06, 2021
  • Apparently, ** Richard LeDue (poem unrhymed)
  • Clouds of Chaotic Crowds** Strider Marcus Jones (poem rhymed)
  • Gaius** Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
  • Portrait of a Woman and the Poet** Daniel J. Flore III (poem unrhymed)
  • To a Former Lover** Nolo Segundo (poem unrhymed)
  • Uplift of the Land Ursula McCabe (poem unrhymed)
  • Reunion ** Mark R. Vickers (fiction life)
December 13, 2021
  • Angels Wings** Lynn White (poem unrhymed)
  • Divided by a Stream, Somewhere in Kashmir** Pranab Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • Matching Numbers in Southern Indiana** Tim Heerdink (poem unrhymed)
  • Poetic Recipe** Peter A. Witt (poem unrhymed)
  • Springtime 2019** Julian O. Long (poem unrhymed)
  • the deep sound of the earth** Robin Wyatt Dunn (poem unrhymed)
  • The High Priestess** Catherine Arra (poem unrhymed)
  • A Hungry Ghost** - T.R. Healy (cover story fiction conflict)
December 20, 2021
  • A Pair of Cardinals** Richard D. Houff (poem unrhymed)
  • Haiku Gopal Lahiri (haiku)
  • Nit-Picker** Sanjeev Sethi (poem unrhymed)
  • Christmas in Lights, 1951 Terry Petersen (fiction family)
December 27, 2021
  • A Resolve!** Pranab Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • A Toast to the Finest** Hugh Blanton (poem unrhymed)
  • From Here to Eternity** Ketaki Datta (poem unrhymed)
  • I Wake** Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
  • Restless** Aleathia Drehmer (poem unrhymed)
  • Saxophone Heaven** Charlie Robert (poem unrhymed)
January 03, 2022
  • Cubist Ghettos** Strider Marcus Jones (poem rhymed)
  • The Look in Her Eyes** Nolo Segundo (poem unrhymed)
  • The Same Music Everyday** Richard LeDue (poem unrhymed)
  • Revolution Nick Gerrard (fiction life conflict)
January 10, 2022
  • A Blessing!** Pranab Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • First Squeeze** Peter A. Witt (poem unrhymed)
  • No One Wants To See You Lose Your Mind** Tim Heerdink (poem unrhymed)
  • The Fool** Catherine Arra (poem unrhymed)
  • The Grey Men** Lynn White (poem unrhymed)
  • we're standing** Robin Wyatt Dunn (poem unrhymed)
January 17, 2022
  • Salvation** Gopal Lahiri (poem unrhymed)
January 24, 2022
  • Anthem to April** Pranab Ghosh (poem unrhymed)
  • The Stylite** Hugh Blanton (poem unrhymed)
  • Tonight** Wayne F. Burke (poem unrhymed)
February 07, 2022
  • Seeking Specialists** Tim Heerdink (poem unrhymed)
  • Woke Poetry** Peter A. Witt (poem unrhymed)
February 14, 2022
  • though I am a shadow** Robin Wyatt Dunn (poem unrhymed)
March 07, 2022
  • Fasting** Tim Heerdink (poem unrhymed)
March 21, 2022
  • the grace of the fall** Robin Wyatt Dunn (poem unrhymed)

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