January 15, 2018

Bill Harvey



THE ODDS (2012-06-11) comic

Introducing a new comic: THE ODDS! We hope you enjoy the adventures of Tad and Elmira ODD.

THE ODDS 193 (2016-05-16) comic

When you get that old, a lot of things get misplaced...

THE ODDS 194 (2016-05-23) comic

Well, it does take less effort...

THE ODDS 195 (2016-05-30) comic

Kind of like wearing a button that reads, "Witness Protection Program?"

THE ODDS 196 (2016-06-06) comic

Well, now we know that his wife was right when she told him where to go...

THE ODDS 197 (2016-06-13) comic

There's wisdom of the...aging...for you!

THE ODDS 198 (2016-06-20) comic

The stuff of nightmares...

THE ODDS 199 (2016-06-27) comic

I've been to one of those seminars -- wish I'd have got the t-shirt...

THE ODDS 200 (2016-07-04) comic

If you think this won't happen in this next presidency, you're kidding yourself...

THE ODDS 201 (2016-07-11) comic

Quick! Where's the eraser?

THE ODDS 202 (2016-07-18) comic

That's enough books for a library!

THE ODDS 203 (2016-07-25) comic

Hope they weren't building a spaceship...

THE ODDS 204 (2016-08-01) comic

Call the Fish and Game people, quick!

THE ODDS 205 (2016-08-08) comic

As long as he doesn't start it too early in the morning...

THE ODDS 206 (2016-08-15) comic

At least it won't give him gray hair...

THE ODDS 207 (2016-08-22) comic

Something about this doesn't add up...

THE ODDS 208 (2016-08-29) comic

Now all he needs is a suit, tie, and wild toupee and he can run for president!

THE ODDS 209 (2016-09-05) comic

That's why he has a license to kill...

THE ODDS 210 (2016-09-12) comic

Aww, that's sweet...

THE ODDS 211 (2016-09-19) comic

It's not the oil, it's the additives...

THE ODDS 212 (2016-09-26) comic

Don't tell him your life's story...

THE ODDS 213 (2016-10-03) comic

Uh-oh, I think she's going to incur a penalty...

THE ODDS 214 (2016-10-10) comic

And make sure you make them look like Barbie..!

THE ODDS 215 (2016-10-17) comic

And if you burp..?

THE ODDS 216 (2016-10-24) comic

Anything you say may or may not be held against you in a court of law...or a kitchen!

THE ODDS 217 (2016-10-31) comic

Yup, getting old is a you-know-what...

THE ODDS 218 (2016-11-07) comic

My question is: How did he get lost out there with him?

THE ODDS 219 (2016-11-14) comic

What brand of tissues does he use? Or is that what the cape is for?

THE ODDS 220 (2016-11-21) comic

Guess she told him...

THE ODDS 221 (2016-11-28) comic

No wonder math gives him a headache...

THE ODDS 222 (2016-12-05) comic

And don't forget his honesty...

THE ODDS 223 (2016-12-12) comic

Bet his attic is full, and the garage, and the yard...

THE ODDS 224 (2016-12-19) comic

How many of them are there, and who feeds them?

THE ODDS 225 (2016-12-26) comic

Notice you can't see his pantslegs...

THE ODDS 226 (2017-01-02) comic

At least that's what the governor of Vermont thinks...

THE ODDS 227 (2017-01-09) comic

And that's why you don't argue definitions with your wife...

THE ODDS 228 (2017-01-16) comic

He speaks for so much of the world...

THE ODDS 229 (2017-01-23) comic

Oh, there's going to be a frying pan waiting for him at home for that one...

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Bill Harvey
Bill Harvey

I was born ( 1954 ) and raised north of Detroit, in the suburbs. I discovered superhero comic books around age six, and pretty much knew what I wanted to do in life. I've had some minor college training in art and design, but for the most part have relied on trial and error and practice, practice ... practice ( at the artboard ) to hone my drawing skills.

I've made my day-job career in computer servicing and technician work, but I still rise early every work day to spend and hour or so at the artboard before getting on the road. And I've produced several action/adventure comic books, but never found success in that oft-glutted market. Several years ago, I turned my attention to humor comic strips. I like the challenge of single panel comics; one is forced to edit everything down to fit into one panel. Mainly that has to do with keeping captions small ( picking the right words, etc. ) yet at the same time putting enough visual information into the same space to convey the gag.

I lead a fairly quiet life, not many frills. I'm single, no dependents -- married to my work, I think. I mail samples of THE ODDs to syndicates regularly.