September 13, 2021

Terri Edwards

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Fire Song (2005-01-16) poem


Too Simple, Really (2005-02-13) poem rhyme

Love is as simple as you want it to be.

Night Cat (2005-03-06) poem, blank verse

Blank verse. Alley cats provide the imagery to illustrate feelings of love.

No Longer (2006-03-20) poem blank verse

Blank verse. Signs in the skies tell the story of a fading relationship.

Juvenilia? (2006-04-03) poem blank verse beat

Blank verse. When it comes to art, age is meaningless.

Labyrinthine (2006-05-01) poem blank verse

Blank verse. The architecture of emotions; some people put up more than just walls.

Low Life (2006-05-22) poem blank verse

Blank verse. The strata of wild life provide a metaphor for devotion.

Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be (2007-01-01) poem rhymed

Keeping Up With The Suzukis (2008-04-14) poem

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Myths of Modern Japan 01 (2005-01-23) Cover story, opinion, travel

The phrase "In Japan we have four seasons" is that it is mathematically inaccurate. At the very least, there are five distinct seasons - spring, summer, autumn, winter and the dreaded rainy season (tsuyu) which comes between spring and summer.

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Myths of Modern Japan 02 (2005-05-01) nonfiction Japan travel

No trees. Fake plastics replacing real bamboo left and right. Wildlife pressed into ever-decreasing spaces. Constant complaints about the weather. Is it any wonder that a foreigner living in Japan might blink when her neighbors tell her, "We Japanese love nature"?

The Mystery of the Tarim Basin Mummies (2006-04-24) nonfiction culture history

Who were the tall caucasians who lived near China's Taklamakan Desert for two millenia before the Chinese arrived? (Originally appeared 2005-05-23)

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Clothes of Sand (2005-05-23) cover story short fiction historical

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Three Japan Poems (2008-05-05) poem haiku

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Terri Edwards
Terri Edwards

Terri Edwards (Terrifried) holds down a job as an English teacher in Japan, where she has lived since 1988. The rest of the time she watches Steve Buscemi movies, drinks white wine by the gallon and dreams of literary glory. She joined the Piker Press in December 2004.